Brauchler’s Concerns with Police Reform Bill

George Brauchler, a Colorado district attorney and a prominent Republican politician, shared some concerns about the Colorado police reform bill. I haven’t read the bill’s text, and it is in a dynamic legislative process. However, I thought a few of Brauchler’s concerns were worth mentioning. He does support important aspects of the bill. He said the bill exempts state police from important reforms. That’s wrong; the reforms should apply evenly across the board. He also said the law forbids liability insurance beneath a certain threshold, which is a bad idea. We should be moving toward a system where civil suits are paid out of individual liability insurance. That would create very important incentives for departments not to keep on expensive cops. Brauchler also worries that the bill removes “good faith” defenses; I have no opinion about that at this time.

Update: Saja Hindi reports, “Colorado‚Äôs police accountability bill passed out of Senate Appropriations this morning on a party-line 6-4 vote and is headed to the Senate floor.”

The Sun also has a write-up of the bill. This seems like a legitimate concern: “Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock expressed concerns about prohibiting officers from using deadly force against people fleeing a suspected felony. He referenced the hypothetical case of an active shooter heading toward a crowd of people.”

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