Limits on Police in Seattle and Denver

Seattle mayor bans use of tear gas on protesters for 30 days.”

Federal judge orders police not to use chemical weapons, projectiles against peaceful Denver protesters.” Judge R. Brooke Jackson wrote, “The Court has reviewed video evidence of numerous incidents in which officers used pepper-spray on individual demonstrators who appeared to be standing peacefully, some of whom were speaking to or yelling at the officers, none of whom appeared to be engaging in violence or destructive behavior.” However, the judge seemed to excuse or at least tolerate the destruction of property, whereas I think police can and should keep the peace by protecting peaceful protesters and property owners.

Update: “Judge modifies order limiting DPD’s use of less-lethal devices during protests.”

Meanwhile, “Minneapolis bans police chokeholds in wake of Floyd’s death.”

Pennsylvania: “Gov. Tom Wolf announces law enforcement reforms in wake of George Floyd protests.”

Arizona attorney general calls for third-party oversight of police brutality investigations, says he’s up for the job.”

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