Rioting and Vandalism

If you want justice, be just. Hurting innocent people and destroying their property is anti-justice.

For over a week now, huge numbers of people have peacefully protested the death of George Floyd and abusive policing more broadly.

A few people have instead turned to rioting and looting. Following are a few examples.

A black woman in Brooklyn condemns the looting and vandalism of a shop that she co-owns. She says to the looters, “You tell me, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ You lie. You wanted to loot a store. You needed money. Get a job, like I do. Stop stealing. This is the neighborhood. We’re trying to build it up, and you’re tearing it down.”

Looters attack groceries in impoverished neighborhoods.”

Vandals damaged a Winston Churchill statute. Whatever Churchill’s flaws, he played a major role in defeating the Nazis. He is arguably the greatest “antifascist” of all time.

I have no idea who is placing bricks at various protest sites, but my top two guesses are leftist provocateurs and racial nationalist provocateurs.

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