California Police Sic Dogs on Protesters

Daniel Borenstein shares a shocking story: A Contra Costa SWAT team used dogs on protesters. Now, granted, protesters ought not block roads; here they blocked I-680. But that is hardly an excuse for this level of violence. Borenstein writes, “A young black man, identified by police as Joseph Malott, sustained bites to his knee and hand after he was brought down by police and one of the two dogs that were on the scene. . . . Malott had thrown a tear gas canister back at police as they were trying to clear the entrance ramp. He was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and resisting/obstructing an officer. The weapon was the tear gas canister that police has previously thrown his way, which if it was truly deadly raises serious questions about why police were using it in the first place for crowd control.”


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