Crazy Colorado Politics

Colorado politics has been a little nuts lately. Consider some recent tidbits.

Kyle Clark reported, “District Attorney George Brauchler says there is no evidence to support GOP Rep Mark Baisley’s claim that Colorado’s public health leaders altered COVID-19 death certificates. Rep. Baisley had called for criminal charges against the head of” the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.” As I replied, “I imagine George said a few other things under his breath over this one.” There was never any basis for the allegation. What CDPHE did do, with the support of the governor, is separate out deaths related to COVID-19 from deaths “due to” the disease, which was a good idea.

Then there was a bizarre Twitter spat between Progressive Ian Silverii and conservative Jeff Hunt. Basically, Silverii half-seriously suggested that Hunt is a Nazi, and Hunt wildly overreacted by saying that Silverii threatened him.

One more: Rep. Dave Williams posted an obviously faked flyer calling for Democrats to kill Republicans. I have no idea who made the flyer, but obviously the creator was a provocateur who did not try to hide that fact. Update: Not everyone got the memo that the flyer is a fake.


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