Pacific Legal on Lockdown Overreach

In early March 2020, Luis Ramirez closed his Hartford, CT, nail salon, following Gov. Ned Lamont’s executive orders for statewide shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Luis and his wife, Rosiris, have since struggled to earn income and pay rent on their salon. When Luis and Rosiris thought they’d be able to reopen on May 20, they scraped together $800 to comply with the necessary precautions to safely serve customers. But the state, under the unlawful authority of the governor, inexplicably pushed back nail salons’ reopening to June 17—or later—despite allowing hair salons to open on June 1. Represented by PLF free of charge, Luis and Rosiris are fighting back in a lawsuit against the governor’s unconstitutional power grab that’s robbing them of their right to responsibly open their business.”

The Pacific Legal Foundation also helped Quent and Linda Cordair reopen their Napa art gallery.

In other lockdown views: “Constitutionally, Religious Gatherings Must Enjoy the Same Rights As Protest Gatherings.”


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