Masks Work

Lyman Stone reviews data from the USS Theodore Roosevelt and concludes, “Masks work. What’s amazing here is that this is individual protection, not community-based protection: prior studies suggested masks were NOT very good for individual protection. . . . By the way, that serology studies turned up an 80% attack rate among non-mask-wearers suggests that herd immunity probably won’t occur . . . until 80%. . . . That masks worked as well as they did in a contained environment with tons of unavoidable close contact is pretty remarkable. I would have bet against masks doing much in this scenario.” Of course, my guess is that people in the military have good masks and good discipline in wearing them. From what I’ve seen, many people in the general public have neither.

A study (lead Timo Mitze) that looks at Germany finds that “face masks reduce the daily growth rate of reported infections by around 40%.”

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