Denver Police Out of Denver Schools

The Denver Board of Education voted to remove Denver police officers from Denver schools. I think that’s a good thing, especially given nothing is preventing the board from hiring their own security personnel.

David Sachs reports, “Denver’s in-school officers ticketed and arrested over 4,500 students over the span of five school years between 2014 and 2019, according to the resolution. Eighty percent of the students were Black and Latinx, according to Padres & J√≥venes Unidos, a group concerned with educational equity that has led the movement against in-school policing for more than a decade.” I find it very hard to believe 4,500 students really needed to be ticketed or arrested at school. (However, Sach’s and Melanie Asmar’s claims about racially disparate treatment don’t account for possible disparate misbehavior.)

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