Much Ado about Rowling

I don’t understand why “we” can’t reach widespread agreement that a) humans generally are a sexually dimorphous species on a biological level that reproduces by males impregnating females, and b) many individual humans fit on a gender or sexual spectrum, not in usual male-female boxes. Why either of those propositions, which seem obvious to me, are up for debate in our culture is beyond me. But they are. Or at least people viciously talking past one other about the issue is a common pastime.

It’s not clear to me that J. K. Rowling is denying either of those obvious truths; nevertheless, she has taken a great deal of heat for allegedly denigrating transgender women. And so of course she is the devil. Meanwhile, Colin Wright, in “defending” Rowling, seems to me to be denying the “spectrum” side of the issue. Here’s what Rowling has to say on the matter. Perhaps I too shall be cast into Hell for linking to her essay and thereby encouraging Thoughtcrime.

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