Racist Covenants in Denver

Kristin Jones writes, “At the time, it was legal for housing covenants to specifically bar non-white residents from renting or owning homes—and they did, routinely. University of Denver law professor and historian Tom I. Romero, II, JD, PhD, has collected racially restrictive covenants from Denver neighborhoods like Bonnie Brae, Clayton, Crestmoor, Regis Heights and many others, including this one established in the southwest Denver subdivision of Burns Brentwood in 1949: ‘Only persons of the Caucasian race shall own, use or occupy any dwelling erected upon said lots of tracts.'” Hat tip Tina Griego.

Incidentally, Griego covers many other interesting (distressing) facts about Colorado past and present. She points out that the school system and zoning laws disproportionately disadvantage minorities (a libertarian-friendly point). She also reminds us, via Donna Bryson, that Denver bulldozed the largely-Latino neighborhood in the 1960s to make way for the Auraria college campus.

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