The Absurd Canceling of David Shor

Here’s how David Shor summarized a 2017 paper by Princeton’s Omar Wasow: “Post-MLK-assasination race riots reduced Democratic vote share in surrounding counties by 2%, which was enough to tip the 1968 election to Nixon. Non-violent protests increase Dem vote, mainly by encouraging warm elite discourse and media coverage.” Here’s how Wasow responded: “Thank you for reading the paper so closely. And, for anyone interested in latest versions, see [here].” So. . . this is great, right? Intellectual discussion on Twitter!

The story takes a depressing turn, Jonathan Chait reviews: “In certain quarters of the left—though not among Democratic elected officials—criticizing violent protest tactics is considered improper on the grounds that it distracts from deeper underlying injustice, and shifts the blame from police and other malefactors onto their victims.” After taking criticism, “Shor apologized for tweeting Omar’s paper.” And Civis Analytics, where Shor worked, fired Shor over the Thoughtcrime.

Chait goes on to criticize the illiberalism of parts of the American left. Obviously illiberalism now dominates much of the American “right.”


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