Polis to Sign “Landmark” Colorado Police Reform Bill

Governor Jared Polis stated, “My statement on the passage of SB20-217 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity: I commend the sponsors and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for their efforts to pass this landmark reform bill. This is about a pattern of injustice and unfair treatment that Black Americans and communities of color have endured, not only in our criminal justice system but also in aspects of every day life. Coloradans should be proud our state is leading the way to make policing more accountable, restore trust in law enforcement, uphold an individual’s civil liberties, and lay the groundwork for future discussions of criminal and juvenile justice reform. I am honored to be here at this moment of time, alongside so many passionate Coloradans on the journey towards a more equal, more just, and more peaceful society as I sign SB20-217 when it reaches my desk.”

Ryan Severance has a tight summary: “Provisions include mandating body cameras; requiring public reporting on policing; reining in use of deadly force by officers; preventing the rehiring of bad actors; holding individual officers liable for their actions; and restricting the use of chemical agents and projectiles.” I think the liability piece is the most important.

“This is, in my estimation, the largest single advancement of individual civil rights and liberties for Coloradans in a generation,” says Qusair Mohamedbhai (as reported by Saja Hindi).

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