Newsroom Diversity

The Washington Post has an interesting article (by Paul Farhi and Sarah Ellison). Wajahat Ali, a contributing opinion writer at the New York Times, told the Post, “A culture has been sustained at the Times that is fueled by double standards, and one that marginalizes and silences the concerns of women and people of color.”

It’s obviously right that newspapers should strive to include people with a diversity of backgrounds. At the same time, I worry about overracializing the matter. Does anyone wish to argue that a black reporter cannot competently cover issues involving white people? Surely not. And a white reporter can fairly cover issues predominantly affecting black people. (I use these terms “white” and “black” despite the fact that they are largely arbitrary categories.) The proper point of a diverse newsroom is to make sure a paper is not leaving out important perspectives or overlooking relevant facts.

Of course, I would argue that a newsroom that hires Progressives and leftists of every color is hardly diverse in the ways that matter most.


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