This is What Media Bias Looks Like

This is currently the top headline at the New York Times (online): “Atlanta Police Chief Resigns After Officer Shoots and Kills Black Man.” And at CNN: “Officer fatally shoots black man, then protests turn fiery in Atlanta.” Is there any evidence, whatsoever, that race had anything, whatsoever, to do with this case? Not that I’ve seen. These headlines obviously are intended to inflame current tensions. The Times does add in a subhead: “Video appeared to show [Rayshard] Brooks firing a Taser at an officer.” Think about this, for just a second, from the police officers’ point of view. As a police officer, you carry a loaded firearm on your hip. Can you maintain control of your firearm if you are tased? No responsible cop will risk putting a gun in the hands of an obviously violent and out-of-control individual. Now, is there some alternate way that we can, in hindsight and from the safety of our couches, imagine that the cops in question could have handled this particular case, that would not have resulted in the death of the suspect or putting other people in the community at risk? Sure.

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