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How to Be a Law Professor

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

William Baude explains what people should do in law school if they want to become a law professor. He says: “Go to a law school that produces law professors,” “get good grades,” “read widely,” “start writing,” “get to know your professors.” Ilya Somin emphasizes the parts about writing and developing professional relationships.

Do More than You Are Paid For

Friday, June 5th, 2020

Think Daily: A project manager hired some people and let others go. “What made the difference? Diligence, hard work, and good communication. The guys who were let go would take most opportunities to stand around when they weren’t being watched. The guys who were hired permanently were always moving and looking for results and asking ‘What’s next?’ It’s pretty simple. Do more than you are paid for, and you will get more opportunities and eventually be paid for what you do. There is no other way. If you do less than you are paid for or only what you are paid for, you will not get a chance to do more and be paid more.”