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QAnon and President Biden

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

According to QAnon conspiracy mongers, Donald Trump was supposed to seize a second term by today. Instead, he slinked off to Florida while Joe Biden assumed the presidency.

The New York Times (Kevin Roose) writes about the Q reaction. Today, January 20, was supposed to be the Great Awakening “when top Democrats would be arrested for running a global sex trafficking ring and President Trump would seize a second term in office,” Roose writes.

As I mentioned on Twitter, this is akin to cultists whose leader prophesies that the world will end a certain day, but then that day comes and goes and a new day begins. How did QAnon cultists react? Roose: “Several large QAnon groups discussed . . . the possibility that they had been wrong about Mr. Biden, and that the incoming president was actually part of Mr. Trump’s effort to take down the global cabal.” Others moved the goal posts in other ways, while some actually started to wonder whether this QAnon business is and always was total bullshit.

And some former Trump supporters are now turning on Trump.

Trump Cultists in Their Own Words

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

The people who protested at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and who violently assaulted the Capitol, believed Donald Trump that the presidential election had been stolen.

Trump the Agitator

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

Donald Trump’s January 6, 2021 speech follows the classic forms of triablism and scape-goating. Within the first two minutes, Trump accuses “radical left Democrats,” “big tech,” and “the fake news media” of “rigging” and “stealing” the election. In the midst of a stream of lies, Trump claims, “This is the most corrupt election in the history, maybe of the world.” He also took a swipe at the Supreme Court, suggesting that the justices he nominated owed him.

The Ayn Rand Institute hosted a useful discussion about the assault on the Capitol.

I wrote a first and second article about the event, with a Colorado focus.

Trump’s Art of Fantasy

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

In The Art of the Deal (p. 58), Donald Trump writes, “”The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. . . . [A] little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular.”

Related: Trump once said, “It’s a terrible statement unless he gets away with it.”

The Chaos President: Sources on Donald Trump

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Conspiracy Theories

In August Trump explicitly praised QAnon while pretending to be ignorant about its aims and beliefs, despite the FBI declaring QAnon a terror threat.

Trump amplified, and notably declined to condemn, the “birther” conspiracy theory about Kamala Harris, which claims she’s ineligible to serve as president.

Trump recently claimed that people in “dark shadows” were controlling Joe Biden and that a plane full of “thugs” wearing “black uniforms” was flying into Washington DC.

The Election

What if early results in swing states on Nov. 3 show President Trump ahead, and he declares victory before heavily Democratic mail-in votes, which he has falsely linked with fraud, are fully counted?”

Trump arguably advocated voter fraud September 2. As NBC summarizes, “Trump encourages North Carolina residents to vote twice to test mail-in system.”

Promoting Violence

Trump defended right-wingers who assaulted leftist protesters by shooting them with paintballs. He also defended the person who killed two people (and injured another) in Kenosha. (Even if an element of self-defense was involved in those shootings—I’m not sure about that—the shooter had no business being in the area, acted wildly irresponsibly, and violated gun laws.)

Defamation of Military Heroes

Here’s the headline for Jeffrey Goldberg’s recent article: “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers.'” Trump also said “nobody wants to see” amputees in military parades. That Trump is commander in chief of the U.S. military is absolutely shameful.

The Eviction Moratorium

As Ilya Somin summarizes, “Trump’s eviction moratorium is illegal, a threat to federalism and separation of powers, a menace to property rights, and unnecessary.” Here’s his article.

Peikoff and Trump

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

It turns out that Objectivist philosopher Leonard Peikoff donated funds to the Donald Trump campaign. It is certainly ironic that, for decades, Leonard Peikoff has warned about the possibility of theocratic fascism coming to America, yet he now financially supports Donald Trump, who openly allies with conservative evangelicals seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade. (Ayn Rand was strongly pro-choice.) I take this as a sign that Peikoff is even more afraid of the nihilistic left in America than he is of Trumpian anti-immigrant, anti-free-trade, anti-reason conservatism. I think Trumpism is the greater and more immediate threat. Although some self-identified Objectivists are openly pro-Trump, most other Objectivist intellectuals are strongly critical of Trump.

Trump Emboldens Tyrants

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

With his authoritarian rhetoric, Donald Trump emboldens tyrants in China, Russia, and Iran.