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Colorado Payroll Tax Proposed

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

This Fall Colorado voters will decide (and probably pass) a 0.9% payroll tax initially (and a 1.2% tax later), payed 50–50 by employers and employees, to fund “medical leave.” This is Prop. 118; see also the BallotPedia review.

Here’s what I Tweeted: “Generally I think “we” should repeal all payroll taxes, not add more. If you want to run a welfare program, just do that through general funds. Payroll taxes hurt esp. lower-income workers.”

Colorado Dems Seek to Tax and Regulate Businesses More

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Mark Hillman criticizes a Colorado bill to alter business tax deductions.

Kelly Sloan also discusses that bill. He also discusses bills to expand workers compensation and sick leave (related to COVID-19) and to “eliminate a landlord’s ability to collect rent or evict non-payers for 120 days.”

26 business groups implore Colorado lawmakers to hit brakes on bills that could bring ‘eye-popping costs’ to employers.”