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Colorado Makes Vaccine Exemptions Harder

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

The Colorado legislature has passed a bill to make it somewhat harder for parents to exempt their children from vaccine requirements. “A clause was added exempting homeschooled children from falling under the legislation’s requirements.” That’s appropriate. I was not a fan of the bill even though I appreciate its aims.

Colorado Anti-Vax Rally

Sunday, June 7th, 2020

The correct approach, as I’ve written, is to strongly advocate vaccinations while taking a soft legal approach. Unfortunately, most other people seem to think either that vaccines are good and should be strongly legally promoted or else that they are bad.

I was disappointed to read Saja Hindi’s report on a rally against a vaccine bill. She shows a photo of a sizable crowd and reports, “So far, I’ve only seen one person (aside from myself) wearing a mask and it wasn’t on her face. Attendees will be required to wear them inside the Capitol hearing.” One speaker exhorted attendees, “Don’t ever put on those masks of shame.” To me, this signals that these people are taking a dangerously anti-science attitude with respect to the current global pandemic.

Further, one of the signs shown in the photo says, “CDC admits increase of ADHD, TICS, autism, sleep disorder, speech delay” from vaccines. There’s simply no science behind that.

All that said, to me it’s rather nuts that COVID-19 is driving debate over this bill, given a) there is no COVID-19 vaccine at this time and b) although some children get very sick from the disease, most children barely notice it. I fully intend to get my entire family vaccinated against the disease if we are able, but if a few kooks choose not to get the vaccine, that affects me to a degree statistically approaching zero.